Producer with dreams too big for my own good.

I haven’t done a remix for so long, I also haven’t made any drum and bass in a while….so here I combined the two in the form of Wrecking Ball. It’s a free download.

Just found this old magazine. Reminded me of when I said I wanted to go into music production and people thought it was just a silly hobby/phase. A year after I’d started one of my songs was featured in an article in this issue! I forget about all these little things, once uni’s over I can get back into making this things happen! #edm #ktd #dubstep #memories #ambitious #instacollage

Working on my free album again, despite the fact I’m supposed to be packing up my shit. http://soundcloud.com/ktd-uk #ktd #free #music #edm #drumnbass #love #bassmusic

Another potential cover. #ktd #dubstep #music #drumandbass
Potential album cover. No idea what it’s gonna be called or what will be on it, at least the artwork’s cool though. #ktd #music #freealbum #instagram #uk
Most accurate pic of me ever taken, credit goes to @melzords ! It’s so accurate that it’s gonna be the name of my next EP haha #ktd #drunk #ep #music #bassmusic
download my new ‘Album’ SINISTER for FREE right now!!! (simply click one of the highlighted words, or the album artwork)
1. Bass Junkie
2. Feelin Better
3. Cross My Broken Heart
4. What Have You Done For Me? (Lately)
5. JamRock
6. Don’t Need You
7. Like To Party
8. Turn To Me
9. Lost In Translation
10. So Heavy (Instrumental)


so about 8 months after its aired I’ve finally got this clip online….

its the scene in SKINS episode 8 series 6 featuring my track ‘Can’t Explain’, otherwise known as the FUCK EXAMS PARTY!!

this was a proud moment for me, next year I want more of these. 

this is a new track I’ve made, I love pitch shifted samples. 

click the image to hear Bass Face & download it for free. 

it’s one of my ‘tongue in cheek’ style tracks, but they’re arguably my best ones.

"If something’s getting to you just laugh at it, you’ll definitely feel better if you can see the funny side."